Plano Edge Master Crankbait Small Tackle Storage | Premium Tackle Organization with Rust Prevention (Renewed)


A tackle storage system that answers every major problem anglers come across was more than two years in the making and the result of endless hours of research and development from Plano. Urging you to become a better angler is the catalyst behind each of Plano's new EDGE series’ well thought out systems. Extend the life of your tackle and overcome wetness while on the water with a family of 10 boxes offering both general purpose and specialized storage that fit into the current Plano system. One peek and you can tell that these tackle boxes are special. Take a closer look and you'll find that apart from being different – they're better in every imaginable aspect.

A patent-pending system of silicone pegs that hold crankbaits securely to prevent hook tangles called Crankbait Catcher™ is featured in The EDGE™ Crank storage. As the first of its kind crankbait storage solution, this tackle system can only be purchased from Plano's fishing experts! The perfect protection for finesse baits, jerk baits and slim-profile lures is provided by the shallow depth of the small EDGE Crank. Deep-diving crankbaits, an extra-large size is also available

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Since 1952 Plano has been at the top when it comes to making the best tackle storage systems around.
A new and contemporary layout distinct to the small crankbait tackle system with parallel quality as the Plano tackle boxes that’s trusted by anglers is accented on the Crank Small Tackle box.
Lures, hooks and finishes are protected by soft silicone fingers that flex
A state of the art labeling method with pre-cut vented medians, imbued with water-ingesting desiccant substance for effective and safe tackle organization, is featured in this Plano tackle box
A base equipped with Rustrictor™ technology for 360 degrees of rust protection
Maintains moisture resistance when closed via Dri-Loc® attribute
Transparent DuraView™ polycarbonate lid
Oversized latch design for one-hand operation
Ultra durable jagged base and pin hinges made of stainless steel
Uniquely made to pile multiple units
Structured for low-profile search and spin baits
Product Measurements 14 L x 6. 25 W x 7. 28 H inches




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