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Premium Plano All Weather Gun Case

Plano All Weather Gun Case

My love for shooting is something that was apparent from a very early age. One of my earliest memories as a youngster was sitting on my fathers lap while he  held up an old BSA air gun to my should for me to fire. I think mum even has a picture of it somewhere, but i have not seen it for a while. Dad used to have a nice wooden gun rack next to his bed that housed about 4 different guns including a Mossberg pump action, a Rossi .357 lever gun, a .22 which i cannot remember the make and the air rifle. Not a massive collection by any stretch, but he regularly pulled them out for cleaning and was very pedantic about their condition. A lot of this attention to detail rubbed off on me over the years and today I like to keep my rifles in top condition, and still admire the beauty that I have always seen in them.

So around my home you can find many different types and brands of equipment, but one of the brands of rifle cases that has stuck out to me is the Plano Gun guard all weather. I use this case most times i go to the range or in the field because i know its water and air tight and can withstand just about any knock i give to it. You get a real sense of quality when handling this case. The plastic feels hard and durable while still being light enough for easy transport and there is and there is plenty of flex in the structure making it resistant to impact fractures. This also allows the case to absorb impacts quite readily providing greater protection for your firearms.

How Strong are Plano Gun Cases?

There is no shortage of latches on this model, being 6 in total. When you operate the latches you can feel the quality and positive locking function that gives you piece of mind when securing your rifles. Two of the latches have locking mechanisms, making this case ideal for airline security, storing firearms or general transport from the range to the field. There is also two added padlock loops for extra security when needed. When talking about transporting a double rifle case such as this, weight becomes a problem when the rifles are in the case. This is particularly apparent when using heavy barrel varmint rifles with large scopes. This Plano gun case comes into its own here with sturdy wheels mounted on one end and a handle mounted on the opposite end. This makes the case very easy to ‘pull’ or ‘drag’ across hard surfaces or even grassed or dirt terrain which you might find at a shooting range.

Another feature on this case is the full length Dri-Loc seal that runs around the rim of the opening. This keeps the contents of the case completely dry inside and free from dirt, dust and grit. Combined with the pressure valve, this system insures that there is always positive pressure in the case, thus not allowing any dust to flow into the case past the seal. I have personally put this to the test several times over the last 18 months, taking my rifles and case out into the thick red dirt and dust of central Australia, without any sign of leakage. I have also had it with me camping, through mud and rainy conditions and the integrity of the system has stayed sound.

When you open up the case you will find quality, pre-cut pluckable foam that can be easily shaped to any rifle without the need for cutting tools. For me, I would prefer to have an ‘uncut’ piece of foam that can be custom cut without the pre-cut cubes, but this is a personal preference and either way does the job just fine. When using this case, you always get a sense that your rifles are getting the best protection possible, and when compared to more expensive alternatives such as Pelican rifle cases, you will see that you are getting a great deal on value as well. I really could not justify a more expensive case as I am sure this one will last a life time.

Plano Gun Case Varieties

Of course we are not limited to the all weather gun case when talking about Plano Gun Cases. There are a wide variety of products available including single and double gun cases, soft single rifle covers, pistol hard and soft cases and other cheaper lines of products that do just as well. Weather you after solid lockable cases for airline travel, light weight durable cover for going into the field and hunting, tactical rifle cases for range days and competition, or just a quality solution for storing your firearms at home, you cannot go past a plano gun case.

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