Plano Bow Cases

All You Need To Know About Plano Bow Case Designs

Hunting is a thrilling experience. From the moment you take that arrow out of the quiver and set it on the bow, to releasing the bolt from the bowstring with precision; it’s always a thrilling experience. Hunting has become a newly found love for most people looking to prove their archery skills.

However, with all the fun and excitement, hunting and archery come with their risks. Without the proper gear to carry your equipment, the hunting expedition may soon turn into a dreadful emergency with accidents occasioned by poor quality cases. As part of this gear are the cases and utility boxes used to carry the bows, arrows and other hunting accessories.

Every experienced hunter knows that proper arrangement of your hunting gear is one step towards a successful expedition. The crossbows, arrows, and other hunting accessories need to be neatly arranged and securely fastened for easier retrieval and overall better hunting experience.

When it comes to quality and safe hunting cases and boxes, there is only one brand that has distinguished itself from the rest, Plano. From 1952, Plano has been designing hunting boxes and cases without disappointing. They ensure that your hunting rifles, bows, and other gear are safely secured in castings that are crush-resistant. This protects your equipment from damage while keeping you safe by locking it in a protective casing while not in use.

Plano has over the years been creating amazing archery equipment that is enjoyed by hunting enthusiasts globally. This post intends to focus on the various bow cases offered created by Plano with precision, for that exciting and fulfilling hunting experience. Here are some of the hunting cases Plano designs;

Plano Crossbow Cases

Plano fuses innovation and style in creating their crossbow cases. The products are created with a robust plastic casing overlaid to form a huge, heavy case that provides the ultimate protection for your bow. They come with a crushproof PillarLock system that keeps the bows in place. They also have interior tie-down straps that secure the bow in place; providing that dependable protection in your next hunting adventure. Most cases come in a heavy-duty security latch that prevents the cases from snapping open unnecessarily.
2. Plano Parallel Limb Hand Bow Case
Plano craftily engineers this casing providing an adjustable crushproof PillarLock system that allows you to have multiple bow configurations within the case. The numerous configurations will enable it to fit a variety of hand bows which are in the market today. The interior contains three tie-down straps that hold the bow steady. The case comes with a Plano utility box that allows for additional protected storage for your hunting accessories. It also has an arrow holder that has space for six arrows. This bow holder is ideal for small field trips as well as long adventures into the wild.

Plano Re-curve Bow Case

Are you looking for a light-weight, easy to carry re-curve bow case? The Plano re-curve bow case is your best bet. The box comes with interlocking foam that contains a cushion to secure the bow in place. With the unique crushproof PillarLock system present in Plano products, the casing provides a guarantee for crush resistance when you are in the woods. The steady latches secure the top in place preventing it from popping open. The handles are carefully designed to provide a comfortable feel as you carry the box around. The compartment space offers additional room to carry some of your accessories such as gloves, bow wax and many more.

Plano Arrow Cases

Plano incorporates design and style when crafting its arrow cases. Case in point is the BowMax Compact Arrow case that is lightweight and can hold up to 28. The box has two removable dividers which allow for easier customization of the compartment. The case also comes with utility and accessory boxes that will enable you to have additional storage for your archery extras. The case also has steady “H”-shaped latches that secure the contents well within the case. The well-designed handles provide for easier handling and carrying of the box.

Plano Compound Bow Case

This case comes in military-spec qualities that reinforce Plano’s repute as the best manufacturers of hunting equipment. The casing is a hard, heavy-duty Dri-Loc gasket that provides exceptional protection and durability. It also comes with a bulk storage space that allows for accessory storage. You can also store your quivers on the lid. The arrows are fastened in with steady tie-downs that enable secure attachment to the cover. The compartment has pluck foam for easy customization to fit in most types of bows. Moreover, the box has reinforced padlock gates that prevent the cap from snapping open; providing for a safe and secure hunting experience.

Plano Single Bow Case

This Protector Series case comes with the PillarLock system that provides crushproof strength to protect your bows and arrows. The inner compartments contain high-density foam that cushions your bow in place. The massive and heavy duty box has additional storage for arrows under the lid. The adjustable tie-down straps firmly secure your bow in place as the steady padlock tabs provide snap lock protection. For most professional archers, comfort while handling their equipment is a priority. The Plano Single Bow Case comes with a comfortable molded-in handle that is friendly to your arms and boasting of a perfect grip.

Plano Archery Accessory Box

Professional archers require various accessory items during their expeditions. From gloves to a broadhead wrench and bow stringers and much more. Not forgetting the bowstring wax that provides lubrication and protection over your stings. All these accessories can easily fit in a Plano archery accessory box. This box contains high-density foam that you can insert broadheads. The broadheads are firmly held in place in a safe and secure holds. The case has a removable tray that allows for easier compartmentalization of the box. It provides adequate storage spaces for all your accessories and requirements. The closure latches are secure to provide you with a trusted locking system. The handle is beautifully crafted to give a comfy carry handle that reduces fatigue.

Plano All Weather Bow Case

The designers in Plano played carefully with their craft and came up with a fantastic bow casting that provides the ultimate protection for compound bows. This case comes with a continuous Dri-Loc seal that provides the maximum protection from all elements. It keeps your bow and arrow protected from the effects of adverse weather conditions such as moisture and dust that may destroy your gear.

The box also comes with the trademark PillarLock system that will ensure crushproof protection to all the items within. Additionally, it has a dual stage lockable latches that secure your gear in the gasting for safe transportation, including the risky air travel. The high-density interlocking foam within the compartment holds your bows and arrows in place. The ergonomic handle allows the secure carrying of the box without causing fatigue.

Plano SE Series Bow Case

The box comes in a unique design and casing that complement most hunters’ needs when out there hunting. The case has a strong strap-in cover that holds in place the quiver. Additionally, the high-density foam is ingeniously designed to provide ample space for arrow storage. The interlocking foam also fits the bow easily holding it perfectly. The interior tie-downs complete the bow’s secure fit. The designers were ergonomic in coming up with the handle which is comfortably molded in. The SE series complete a perfect pro-bow casing for all your needs.

Plano Broadhead Case

The mechanical broadhead case comes with storage space for up to six mechanical broadheads. The high-density interlocking foam holds the broadheads in a safe and secure area. The casing has durable latches that provide for secure snap closures. The design uses lightweight materials that make it easy to carry around with the aid of a comfy handle to enhance the experience.

In Conclusion

Plano molding has been designing beautiful, affordable and practical bow cases for over 60 years. The experience gathered over time gives Plano the necessary expertise to manufacture quality and durable products that complement your hunting experience. The company believes in safety first during hunting expeditions; and has, as a result, invested heavily in new and modern ways to secure your hunting gear. You worry about getting the perfect shot while they deal with your safety.

Whether you are replacing an old bow case or getting your first, Plano guarantees you of original products that will suit your hunting requirements. With a wide range of products in the hunting section, you are assured of getting a Plano product that will encompass all your needs.

Finally, it’s important to know that while Plano products provide safe and secure housing for your gear, it’s prudent that you be cautious when handling your equipment. Hunting gears and accessories commonly cause injuries when handled recklessly. Always check and arrange your gear neatly in the hunting cases before heading out to prevent unnecessary accidents.